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Time Stamps

Introduction of our project:  0:00 to 6:22 

Introduction to the guest speakers: 6:23 to 6:49

Questionnaire with Dr. Ogochokwu Okoye on lifestyle changes, risk factors of CKD, preventive care, and healthcare system in Nigeria: 6:51 to 28:19

Questionnaire with Dr. Julius Okoye on Public health, financial burdens of Nigerians, diets, and Health insurance in Nigeria:  28:20 to 45:19

Questionnaire with Dr. Martin on STIs, Urology and its relation to CKD:  45:20 to 1:05:17

Question for all 3 doctors: 1:05:18 to 1:15:22

Q&A session: 1:15:26 to 1:36:20

Professor Ifeoma intake: 1:36:21 to 1:38:26

Covid-19 and CKD: 1:38:27 to 1:51:05

Ending (Social media, contact services): 1:51:06 to 1:53:42

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